Live Trappings

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It’s a simple matter for animals like raccoons and squirrels to get into your home or garden. You definitely don’t want them there, but you may not want them killed either. Fortunately, you can hire an exterminator who will use non-lethal techniques.

Animal or rodent control traps can be set up to immobilize the animal without hurting it. Once trapped, it can be taken into a vehicle and released back into the wild. This is a humane alternative to traditional extermination or fumigation methods.

This is an increasingly popular method of handling larger critters. Of course, harsher measures need to be taken with insects. When it comes to pest control, the exterminator can’t afford to take half-measures. The best way to protect your house is by completely destroying the infestation.

Contact Texas State Pest Control if you’re on the lookout for a reliable pest and termite company in Texas City, TX. We can set up professional-grade live trappings for your home.


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