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Pest control is an essential part of home ownership. Even the nicest house can turn into a nightmare if it gets infested with flies or mosquitoes. You’ll definitely need some help if you want to return your house to a livable condition.

Unfortunately, most conventional general pest control methods bring their own set of problems. While you don’t want bugs all around the place, you also don't want the soil or plant-lift to get poisoned by dangerous pesticides.

Fortunately, you can now get pest control that’s 100% eco-friendly. An example of this can be seen in pyrethrum, an all-natural substance derived from the common chrysanthemum. This substance has a proven track record against pests, and is completely safe for everything else.

Texas State Pest Control offers expert pest control service in Texas City, TX. Contact us today to clear the bugs and other pests from your yard. An exterminator from our company is ready to serve you!

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